9 – Orphic Gallery

Step into a sanctuary that transcends mere walls and frames, where the arts are revered as a sacred force that connects perceptions across time and space.
Here, the boundaries between artistic expressions dissolve, and a tapestry of imagination unfurls before you. Delve into the ethereal strokes of painting, the tactile wonders of sculpture, and the intricate stories whispered by prints and designs.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Bede McMenamin
Address: 16 Drews Avenue, Whanganui 4500, New Zealand
Phone: 0210384316
Email: theorphicgallery@gmail.com
Website: https://www.theorphicgallery.com/home
Open year-round.
Open between AOS weekends.
Child friendly.

Participating Artists:
Keiran Donnelly
Nat Kirk