Artists Open Studios Whanganui 2018

We look forward to welcoming our visitors to the 2019 Artists Open Studios.

With event planning well underway we are excited to launch our new website once Artists registrations have been collated – featuring 2019 event information with a new user-friendly interface we are sure you will love the fresh new layout.

Artists registrations are open until 31st October 2018 for further information please contact the Event Coordinator via email

Te Taonga Toi O Aotearoa
The Arts Destination Of New Zealand

Whanganui is known for its culture, heritage and creative spirit. Artists Open Studios is testament to that fact.

Artists Open Studios embraces Whanganui’s culture, heritage and creative spirit.

Artists open their private studios giving you an opportunity to see them at work, whilst pop-up collectives let you see some of Whanganui’s heritage buildings used for creative purpose, along with galleries opening their doors and sharing their knowledge.

In 2019 there will be a variety of events and entertainment collaborating with Artist Open Studios to come and enjoy the best of what Whanganui has to offer!

A Word From The Organisers

I am very excited to work with the AOS Trust to deliver the 2019 event. We are currently busy carefully preparing the Trail Guide and new website format.

If you would like to participate either as an Artist, or if you think you could contribute to the event with entertainment or hospitality, please contact me via email to discuss options.

Kat Wade
Artists Open Studios Event Coordinator 2019

Registrations for the 2018 Artists Open Studios are now open.
Press here for details.

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