Keiran Donnelly

Keiran Donnelly is a multidisciplinary artist who currently resides in Whanganui. His work has been featured in some of Whanganui's most seminal art locations, including the Sarjeant Gallery, Space Gallery, and Orphic Gallery.
The main focus in the aesthetics of his works are otherworldly, esoteric, figures and architecture, that come across as familiar yet somehow foreign. Due to his skill level, years of discipline, and an eye for accuracy Donnelly has found a residual connection with sacred geometry, and often uses it to map his work. Using tools such as a golden caliper, protractor, or compass, he will plan out certain sections of his paintings, or sculptures, adhering to the flower of life pattern, or golden ratio. In Donnelly's paintings the proportion based sections of his work are heavily juxtaposed by the initial methodology used to create the inceptive aesthetic of his work, which is deliberately created through more haphazard methods of paint application.

Mediums: Ceramics, Drawing, Drawing - Pen and/or ink, Painting, Painting - Board, Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Oil, Wood works
Showing work at:
Orphic Gallery
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 0212927911