Fiona Thomas

I want people to react to my artwork - smile, laugh, frown, talk, be curious, wonder... there's always a st0ry behind each piece. I work from the heart, the process often engulfing me. It's what I have to say at the time, yet I encourage viewers to interpret my work however they want. I don't subscribe to a one size fits all methodology, or ideology. I'm eclectic. My artwork is my 'truth n guts', inspired by my life and environs. It's both intuitive and intentional, so the processes and outcomes continue to evolve - pen or paint, clay, found items, the list grows... but I'm totally in love with colour and form and enjoy manipulating whatever medium draws me into its web at that moment.

Mediums: Ceramics, Drawing, Mixed media materials, Painting, Recycled/Upcycled Artworks, Sculpture
Showing work at:
CiA – Castlecliff International Artport
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 021 836 333