Fiona Thomas

A multimedia artist, I enjoy transforming and interpreting what I see and feel. My head is full of ideas, while my heart and intuition lead me to a conclusion. I create using both my dominant and nondominant hands.
I enjoy paint and clay, stone and whatever I find on my travels that looks interesting to me. Varied techniques and mediums fascinate me so the process is often as important as the outcome. Creating artwork is fun and sometimes frustrating, but there's a need within me to be expressive and explore.

Mediums: Assemblage, Garden art, Metal works, Mixed media materials, Painting, Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Canvas, Recycled/Upcycled Artworks, Sculpture, Textiles
Showing work at:
Castlecliff International Artport
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 021 836 333