33 – The VC Press – Jo Giddens – Closed for AOS 2022

The VC Press
Jo Giddens
The VC Press moved into the Glasgow Eagles Scout Hall in 2015.
"I write in journals most days — like letters to myself and I write haiku based on observations of what’s going on around me. Within these words I find clues as the inspiration for my printmaking".
Jo is a Graphic Designer and a wordsmith with a passion for creating Letterpress, Wood cut and Mokulito (Wood Lithography) limited edition fine art prints and handmade books.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Jo Giddens
Address: 22 George St, Aramoho, Whanganui 4500, New Zealand
Phone: 0274371994
Email: giddens.jo@gmail.com
Website: https://www.thevcpress.com
Open during the year by appointment.
Open between AOS weekends.
Child friendly.

Participating Artists:
Jo Giddens