46 – Studio Nico – Nicholas Toyne

Following his postgraduate study, which centred around Zen, wabi-sabi and the art object in the context of human mortality, Nicholas’ work now focuses on the beauty and power of the vessel as an object for meditative inquiry and alchemical healing. His practice attempts to walk the line between 'unique art object' + 'ritualistic functional ware'.

Taking inspiration from the art of Japanese tea ceremony, embodied ritual, and alchemy as a potent archetypal metaphor for healing, his work investigates the idea of reciprocal holding; the opportunity to experience both holding, and being held - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Where his smaller and more refined tea bowls are an offering to our love of the tactile, and the comfort that touch can bring, his larger albarelli and alchemical vessels evoke the sense of a larger metaphysical container, an all-pervasive wholeness within which we are always already held.

For Nicholas, inspired by psychologist Matt Licata PhD, this discovery has been a path of self-befriending, and one which breathes life into his ongoing creative practice and processes.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Nicholas Toyne
Address: 9 Kaka Place, Whanganui East, Whanganui, New Zealand
Phone: 0221620146
Email: nicholasrussell.toyne@gmail.com
Wheelchair Accessible.
Toilet available.
Open during the year by appointment.
Open between AOS weekends.
Child friendly.

Participating Artists:
Nicholas Toyne