94 – Steuart Welch at Cannock Forge

Steuart Welch uses steel to express his artistic view. Working with corten steel he twists, bends, cuts and welds this material to make outdoor sculptures. The use of self developed freestyle engineering techniques results in unique abstract art. Pieces vary in size from small indoor to large outdoor structures 4 metres high.

Steuart welcomes commissions which always have his artistic mark on. He lives 12 kilometres north of Marton in a rural area where his work is on display in his large garden, open by appointment.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Steuart Welch
Address: 128 Warrens Road, Marton 4788, New Zealand
Phone: 063276507
Email: wsandlawelch@gmail.com
Website: https://www.steuartwelch.co.nz
Wheelchair Accessible.
Open during the year by appointment.
Child friendly.
Participating Artists:
Steuart Welch