Denice Midgley

Mrs Ward

47 – Denice Midgley

Interpreting both my inner and outer worlds, I explore my creativity using colour and texture to create original pieces whether it be with glass, making jewellery, or using a variety of media to produce works of art. I enjoy exploring my own creativity and inspiring creativity in others. Over the years I have become less interested in the final result and more interested in the process of creating, observing the creation of each piece as it takes on a life of its own. My art works include portraits, flowers, landscapes, works inspired by geometry and mathematics and abstracts. My jewellery includes pendants, earrings, pins and bracelets.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Denice Midgley
Address: 352 Wicksteed Street, Whanganui, New Zealand
Phone: 0223538709
Wheelchair Accessible. Open during the year by appointment.
Participating Artists:
Denice Midgley

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