Te Aramoho Ki Te Ao Hou Marae


Date: March 16, 2024 – March 17, 2024

Te Ao Hou Marae is pleased to participate in the open art studio.

Te Aramoho in this context refers to the pathway of the Moho (a species of Takahe once abundant in this area) it differs from other interpretations widely accepted. Follow this bird around the various points of the marae.
We welcome the general public to follow this pathway into the Marae where you will be able to witness a range of traditional and contemporary arts from well established and emerging Maori
artists within Whanganui. Poetry, Photography, Carving, Weaving, writings will be on display. Art should provoke thinking it allows us to push boundaries of the way the world is perceived. It gives visibility to images that come from a worldview capturing mountains and our ancestral Whanganui river. It will reflect our story.
The names of the houses of the marae capture this beautifully when placed together ….”To bring to fruition our deepest aspiration that leads to purpose and clarity in order to stand strong in todays world.
All visitors are welcome to come through the front gate entrance.