Rachel Dickison

Rachel Dickison is a Whanganui based artist specialising in coloured pencil drawings and paintings. "I've always loved capturing the life and expression in people and animals, so my work is a pairing of those two things."
You’ll fall in love with her quirky animal portraits. ‘Leo the Hipster Lion’, a bearded, denim jacket wearing, man-bun rocking lion is just one example from this series.
She also creates extremely detailed collage drawings celebrating iconic actors, actresses and beloved film series. Her Harry Potter artwork ‘A Very Potter collage’ will have you heading home to start a HP Movie Marathon.
Her new painting series 'Fragments of Fame' featuring perfectly fractured images of iconic celebrities will also be there to see.

Mediums: Drawing, Drawing – Pencil, Painting, Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Canvas
Showing work at:
Rachel Dickison – Closed for AOS 2022
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 0277491555

Email: racheldickisonartist@outlook.com

Website: https://www.racheldickisonartist.com/