Nolan Clark

Born in South Africa, Nolan never had any artistic inclination until he was working. Then in 1996 he discovered he enjoyed art. Starting off his art journey using pencil, he soon added other mediums including oil & acrylic. Guided by his father he soon became a proficient artist and in 2000 he opened up his art teaching studio. In 2008 Nolan emigrated to New Zealand and decided to concentrate his efforts on online teaching. Over the years he has built up a collection of hundreds of online art classes available in his website.

His teaching experience has allowed him to become proficient in even lesser known mediums like scratchboard drawing.

Over the years Nolan has participated in many exhibitions and his realist art has become very popular with his artworks being sold to collectors in New Zealand, South Africa, USA, Canada, UK and Hawaii among others.

He works mostly in a realist style, painting hyper-realistic animals and still life, but also enjoys creating the occasional fun series of artworks to keep the creative juices flowing.

Mediums: Drawing, Drawing – Pencil, Painting, Painting - Board, Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Canvas, Painting – Oil
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Paint Basket
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Phone: 027 412 0736