Melanie Fleet

Melanie Fleet is a contemporary queer artist whose work explores the
multifaceted nature of identity and the intersectionality of queer
experiences. Drawing inspiration from personal narratives, cultural
diversity, and the vibrant landscapes of Whanganui, her art captures
the essence of authenticity, resilience, and self-expression. Through
vivid colors, symbolic imagery, and layered textures, Melanie aims to
challenge societal norms, break down barriers, and create spaces for
dialogue and understanding. Her work seeks to celebrate the LGBTTQI+
community, inspire empathy, and foster a more inclusive society.
Melanie's artistic practice encompasses various mediums, including
painting, mixed media, and installations, allowing her to push the
boundaries of traditional art forms and engage viewers on both
intellectual and emotional levels.

Mediums: Assemblage, Collage, Fabric and/or Felt works, Mixed media materials, Painting, Painting - Board, Painting – Canvas, Photography
Showing work at:
Fleeting Fancy Studio and Gallery
Contact the Artist:

Phone: +64212589547