Louise Herdman

Mosaics are still fascinating after years of making and teaching... celebrating 20 years in 2022!
I love sharing and discovering new ways to make mosaics truly unique and encourage others to find their own style... Every year I develop a new mosaics so make sure you drop by...
The photos here are of a commission I had the privilege of designing and making for a young lady who is blind... So there was a fascinating challenge to create layers of texture that told a story as well as making a visually pleasing mosaic. I love the challenges of problem solving and designing - please contact me to personally design and make an original mosaic for you.

Mediums: Mosaic
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Louise Herdman Mosaics
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Phone: 0273754715

Email: louiseherdmanmosaics@gmail.com

Website: https://louiseherdmanmosaics.co.nz/