Leigh Anderton-Hall

Leigh Anderton-Hall has spent the last 25 years living in Whanganui, with her family and various inherited dogs. She currently teaches two days a week at UCOL, the local polytechnic in the Foundation Certificate of Art and Design. The rest of her time is spent in her studio.

Her work has been about human and natural imagery, urban structures and objects to address concerns, and fascinations, that can be personal and collective. The work has always conveyed a narrative through a collection of objects, which could include drawings, paintings, and constructed objects. This work can be informed by personal experience, current affairs and mythical archetypes. For the last seven years, the works have been constructed mainly from ceramic.

Mediums: Ceramics, Clay works, Pottery, Textiles
Showing work at:
AP Studios…Graham Hall.
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 027 6533857

Email: l.anderton@xtra.co.nz

Website: https://www.leighandertonhall.com/