Keeley Eastwood

Keeley was drawn to relocating to Whanganui from Christchurch thanks to a post-Canterbury-quake visit she and partner Brad (Whanganui-born) made to the town during Artists Open Studios 2011. She was pleasantly surprised by the talent and diversity of Whanganui’s vibrant art scene and realised there was a lot more to Whanganui than what was appearing in national headlines at the time.

As well as a life-long love of the written word Keeley has had frequent forays into art and is currently enjoying exploring the art of printmaking as well as other arts and crafts. Originally from Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, her varied artistic inspirations include nature, the sea, mythology, animals and all-things-rustic.

Keeley instigated the initial set up of Brunswick Art Collective and coordinated the group’s participation in Artists Open Studios 2018. She is now excited to be taking part in the event for a second time and is looking forward to the positives the Collective’s formation and its art gallery / shop space will bring for the future.

For the 2019 exhibition, Keeley has focused on relief prints with and without mixed media. One of her projects ('Welcome Home Rosalind' - The Swallow Project) is dedicated to local artist and family friend Rosalind Thomsen, who sadly passed away in January 2019.

Mediums: Mixed media materials, Printmaking, Printmaking – Wood Cuts, Weaving
Showing work at:
Kowhainui/Brunswick Art Collective/Art House
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 021 202 3224