Katie Hedgman-Dalton/Makeshift Pony

I am a Whanganui born and bred multi-disciplined artist, and I work across a broad range of media. I often call upon the familiar surrounds and rich heritage of my beautiful hometown to inform my visual and tactile art studio practice.
Increasingly, my work is driven by process, material exploration and textile techniques. I aim to address the visceral elements contained within identity, place and memory. My materials must speak the same language as the concept, which is why I employ the medium of stitchery in tandem with text, drawing, images and/or discarded or found materials in my recent suites of work

Mediums: Collage, Drawing, Drawing - Pen and/or ink, Mixed media materials, Painting - Board, Photography, Stitch works, Textiles
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Phone: 022 658 2112

Email: makeshiftpony@gmail.com