Karen Workman

Come and see how I felt. Felting can be done a myriad of ways, and they generally all work. The way I felt is slow, over time, and could be called slow felting. I allow the magic of wool to start its own process by leaving it overnight after wetting it down, to settle in. That way, when I revisit the next day, the felting has begun, and it takes a lot less time to complete. I also use the tumble drier instead of rolling. Of course the felt project is completely encased, and safely wrapped. This saves my back, which has inhibited me a lot since 2011.

Mediums: Fabric and/or Felt works, Recycled/Upcycled clothing & other items, Stitch works, Textiles
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Phone: 02040740466

Email: karenkiwi5@gmail.com