82 – Mill Street Studio

The Mill Street Studio is a new entrant.
Set in a lush garden environment, the house, garden, and studio will be all yours to enjoy, with the art of Julie Oliver, and John Archbold.
Julie has an established following with her superb bespoke saw blades, and unique, evolving style of expressive art.
John, who works in oils, has created a fine collection of works celebrating the stunning local landscape.
Both Julie and John, who are full time artists are providing you with the opportunity to come and chat, about their work and the commissioning process.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Julie Oliver
Address: 64 Mill Street, Marton 4710, New Zealand
Phone: 021433662
Website: https://www.oliversart.co.nz
Open during the year by appointment.
Participating Artists:
John Archbold
Julie Oliver

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