69 – howifelt

Felt you are allowed to touch. I want to build a wooden ger(yurt) for my studio. When I gave up the idea that my car needed a garage, space for a studio was created. You are welcome to come in and witness how I love to lay with colourful fluff, recycled stuff, making original creations that I love to wear. Fish mobiles are my recent passion, easiest pets ever! I love teaching and sharing the fun of felt-making, and eco-printing skills.

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Karen Workman
Address: 37 Hood Street, Castlecliff, Whanganui 4501, New Zealand
Phone: +642040740466
Email: karenkiwi5@gmail.com
Wheelchair Accessible. Open during the year by appointment. Open between AOS weekends.
Participating Artists:
Karen Workman

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