Duncan Smith – Treetop Oasis Studio & Gallery


65 – Duncan Smith – Treetop Oasis Studio & Gallery

Just a year ago Duncan moved to Whanganui and already his Home, Gallery and Studio provide an oasis of incredible and diverse creativity.
Enjoy his mix of hyper-realist oil painted portraits and figures, dynamic seascapes, contemporary ceramics, tactile multimedia assemblages, and life cast sculpture.
Also savor the scenery, relaxing on the deck with a cold drink and nibbles, way up in the treetops!

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Duncan Smith
Address: 18 Taylor Street, Durie Hill, Whanganui, New Zealand
Phone: 022 065 0379
Email: duncansmithnz@yahoo.com
Open during the year by appointment.
Participating Artists:
Duncan Smith

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