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22 – Climate Change / Twisted Legacy

RKTart (Ruth Tidemann) & Lynette Keast are exhibiting under Climate Change & Twisted Legacy respectively &yet the two artist’s work is, in fact, commenting on the same complex problems of disconnection and denial.

Ruth Tidemann has been painting since she was a kid. Anything and on everything.
Her upbringing in Adelaide, South Australia comes out in the colours and patterns she uses.
She moved to Aotearoa when she was a young woman, and studied Graphic Design in Wellington.
She’s had her work exhibited on Waiheke, in Dunedin and Auckland. And now in Whanganui.
She likes using rich textural paints, so has moved from oils (wonderful smell but take too long to dry), gouache, acrylics to house paints. The texture is important to sustain the emotion behind the work. She generally paints on board these days and is also making driftwood talking/walking/totem sticks.
Climate change is there to help you ponder the question of you own responsibility towards the planet, and to ponder PM Jacinda Adern’s “ Me too must become we too.”
She asks you as the viewer, to make your own assessment. You’ll find plenty to ponder on in Ruth’s paintings which are labelled such as "There is No Planet B" & "Flight Cancelled"
Ruth Tidemann 0226020095

Lynette grew up in a family where creativity and the exploration of Art in its many forms was encouraged and nurtured. Though born in the South Island her family relocated around New Zealand several times, finally settling in Wellington when she was a young teenager.
Lynette developed a strong social and environmental consciousness, speaking up on societal issues from an early age. Lynette became particularly aware of how Humankind's behaviors, practices, social inequities and “Throw-Away” mentality are affecting Mother Earth and her Peoples, with her Artwork growing to reflect this.
Lynette produces work that is often metaphorical and a little whimsical using mixed media; from driftwood and bone, to found and discarded man-made items. Her earlier works have been exhibited in Wellington and the Sth Island.
Lynette moved to Whanganui from a small settlement on the Nth East coast of the Sth Island three years ago. After putting her artistic energy into renovating a house she has recently returned to creating more Artworks.
Lynette’s “Twisted Legacy” collection examines where the direction of our choices take us and the consequences of those actions, be they positive or negative. It invites you to reflect on what contributions YOU are making towards our planet and society’s future, plus consider how YOUR actions from now on will change it’s course, for better or worse.
Lynette Keast

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Graham Pearson
Address: Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre, 83 Maria Place Ext.
Phone: 063441012
Wheelchair Accessible.

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