30 – Bricksticks Furniture & Twin Kilns Gallery

Greg Betts is a furniture maker of some 40 years, sharing the restored old Brick Works with a number of artists, painters and other furniture artists, among others listed below.
There's a link on Bricksticks.co.nz to Twin Kilns Gallery Facebook page where all the artists attending will be listed with more info about them and their works.
Some off street parking

Mikayla Baldwin: winner of Student Art Award
David Taylor: Abstract watercolour Artist
Mere Keating: Flax Weaver and Hat Maker
Chloe O`Leary: Wild Life Sketches
Jenny Kenny: Small Installations
Tim Minnell: Artist
Maurice Fitzgerald: Artist
Megan Williams: Painter
Ken Sando: Contemporary Artist
Jack Michalski: Wood and Photography

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Greg Betts
Address: 18a Georgetti Road, Bastia Hill, Whanganui, New Zealand
Phone: 027 764 9398
Email: design@bricksticks.co.nz
Website: http://www.bricksticks.co.nz/
Wheelchair Accessible.
Toilet available.
Open year-round.
Open between AOS weekends.
Child friendly.