28 – 85 Glasgow St Art Centre

Exhibiting three gallery spaces, plus stock works, sculptures in the garden, and a number of artist studios.
A Gallery: Aaron Scythe - Ceramics | Tsubaki Scythe - Prints
Gallery 85: Campbell Wylie - Glass |
Rayner Brothers Gallery: Ceramics & Mixed Media |
The Corridor: A selection of work from local artists | Studios: Sarah Marsh, Kath Barrett, Timon Maxey

Studio Details:
Studio Manager: Cath Watson
Address: 85 Glasgow Street, Whanganui, New Zealand
Phone: 027 629 2545
Email: info@agallery.nz
Website: https://www.agallery.nz
Wheelchair Accessible.
Toilet available.
Open year-round.
Open between AOS weekends.
Child friendly.