Simone Jacquat

My art is a reflection of my passion for nature, being in a natural environment gives me a sense of peace and contemplation. My work is also a subconscious response to the world around me and an expression of my own personal life experiences. I choose to work in an abstract and minimalist style and my aim is to create sculptures which will seduce the viewer's eye, stir the soul, and entice to touch.
I first came in contact with hard stone in Switzerland in 2002 and ever since had my own studio, first in Switzerland, then in the Hokianga and now in Whanganui. I am mainly autodidact and I work with hard stone, marble and wood. My work has been exhibited in Switzerland and in New Zealand and my sculptures are held in collections in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I have participated at several Sculpture Symposia in New Zealand and recently had the great opportunity to work in a marble studio in Italy.

Mediums: Sculpture, Sculpture - Stone, Sculpture - Wood
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Simone Jacquat Sculpture
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Phone: 027 424 4604