Scott de lautour

Born 1971 in New Zealand .
Scott showed ability for drawing from early childhood which was recognised & encouraged by his mother who showed him how art was all around us. His parents moved often during his childhood and he adapted too change through his gift of drawing too find acceptance and new friends at each school.
Scott spent 18 years traveling internationally making Art, learning new languages and found his expression through what he describes as the "Organic language of Nature" Scott is a self taught artist with a passion for Art & Art history. Since his early teenage years Scott has developed an instinct for fusing & combining movements in Art into his own expression.
Scott went to Paris in 2017 & spent many weeks drawing in Louvre, the streets of Montmartre and subways of Paris, Cafes & Parisian culture . Scott lives a simple life with a dedicated monastic approach too creating Art , drawing and painting everyday from his rural studio home in New Zealand surrounded by nature with his son and dog.

Mediums: Collage, Drawing, Drawing – Charcoal, Painting, Painting - Board, Painting – Canvas
Showing work at:
Putiki Art Studio
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 0273322020