Raewin Hayes

My name is Raewin Hayes and I have been painting for about 2 years. I paint using Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper which is synthetic and waterproof. Ink ink is moved around the paper by blowing the ink in the direction you require using an air tool I use an airbrush and add colours which get blended with either blending solution or 100% Isopropyl alcohol to acheive the painting I require. Each paiting is very different than the one done before as the inks move around differenly in different heat conditions. I really enjoy this painting medium as I never know what I am going to end up with until I decide to finish it.

Mediums: Mixed media materials, Painting
Showing work at:
St Johns Hill Art
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 0272822825

Email: russell.raewin@gmail.com

Website: https://stjohnshillart.co.nz/