Melanie Rodriga

Alongside my work as a film-maker in Aotearoa and Australia, I have always painted. To immerse myself in the relationship between space light, time and spirituality … I feel this is both a necessity and a gift

I first painted at high school, where I studied art for six years and went to summer school or private classes continually, encouraged by my mother’s love of painting. Since then I have worked in screen printing, applique, tempera, acrylics, painted fabric and for the past decade, oils, on progressively larger canvases.

I have had the best of teachers and mentors along the way: Peter Walker at the Fremantle Arts Centre in Perth and Min Woo Bang at the Croydon Art Studio in Sydney, Elena Nikolaeva at MAI in Mangawhai.

This will be my first studio showing in Whanganui. Having painted the Otamatea area of the Kaipara Harbour for many years, the shifting of my gaze is exciting and challenging. I look for coastal horizon lines and skylines (not always the same thing …) caught under a particular cloudscape or quality of light. The painting of that intersection of land, sky and sea can produce a meditative state that the finished work will go on to invoke in whoever spends time with it.

Mediums: Painting – Canvas, Painting – Oil
Showing work at:
Melanie Rodriga – Closed For AOS 2022
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Phone: 0220895731