Laura Papple

Laura Papple


Laura Papple is a mixed media artist from Wanganui. She experiments with materials and techniques to push herself and her style (also it’s fun to be experimental) therefore her work tends to evolve and changes as she discovers new ways of doing things.

Distance and the Inner World are big themes within Laura’s work. Her body of work is linked together by the specific motifs she uses to express herself in her work. Yes, her work is personal and intimate at times but overall she wants the viewer to feel something when they look at her work.

Laura completed her Bachelor of Design and Art in 2017 majoring in visual arts and is currently an artist in residence at Space Studio and Gallery.

Mediums: Assemblage, Collage, Drawing, Drawing - Pen and/or ink, Mixed media materials, Painting, Painting - Board, Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Canvas, Painting – Watercolour
Showing work at:
Space Studio & Gallery
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Phone: 027 843 3393 Email: