Keeley Eastwood

I’m an emerging Whanganui-based artist who enjoys playing with the myriad forms of printmaking.

I’ve especially come to enjoy making drypoint prints and then hand-colouring them using other mediums, such as coloured pencil.

Other printmaking techniques I’ve tried my hand at so far include woodcut, linocut and, most recently, monotype (using the ‘light and fun’ gel plate technique) and collagraph. My newly-released Quirky Lamoids are my first go at making collagraph prints.

Artistic inspiration for me comes in many forms, but includes animal and human companions, nature, emotions and feelings, mythology and more.

I find our native New Zealand kunekune pig very inspirational, both in terms of their characterful looks and their beautiful natures. I’m keen to add to my kunekune handmade print range and could see it becoming quite an obsession.

You can follow my art journey on Facebook and Instagram: ‘@keeleyeastwoodartistprintmaker’.

Mediums: Mixed media materials, Printmaking, Printmaking – Wood Cuts
Showing work at:
Brunswick Art Collective
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 0212023224