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Joe Yates

ENCAUSTIC-from the word encaustikos literally meaning "to heat or burn in"

Having quite happily ensconced myself in the art of mosaics for several years, I stumbled quite by accident upon the ancient technique that is encauaustic whilst on a visit to the Baroda valley in June 2015 and fell in love.
Captivated by this amazing process that dates back to early Greek civilization and uses beeswax, resin and heat to "paint", I started researching and experimenting. Then under the expert guidance of Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch of Seattle, USA at the annual NZ Fibre Arts convention 2016, I Began to seriously immerse myself in the world of wax.

Being privileged to join Red Door Gallery in May 2018 I continue to experiment and work in my home studio using predominantly encaustic medium incorperating found objects both natural and man-made.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it and bringing it to you

Joe Yates (mrs)

Mediums: Mixed media materials, Sculpture
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Red Door Gallery
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