Elena King

My name is Elena King. I moved to Whanganui just over a year ago now and connected with my artistic side on moving here. Over the past year I have used my inner artist to help my mind heal through mental health struggles. My art uses neurographic art which was created as an art therapy with the idea behind it to resemble the neurographic waves and neurons within the human mind. Whilst creating a neurographic piece, it is suggested that you focus on one thing that you are working on and the piece is supposed to resemble how your mind has worked through it.
My art has helped me get through many mental health challenges in the past year and to work through things from my past also.
I am both excited and extremely anxious to share my art; each piece holds a part of me that I have been working on. Though I do enjoy the narratives that other viewers give these pieces, it intrigues me to hear what others 'see' as it opens my eyes to the possibilities they hold.

Mediums: Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Canvas
Showing work at:
The Art Box
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 0220406018

Email: elena.gb.king@gmail.com