Brigham Anderson, AKA: Thinkbrig (Ngāti Hauiti)

I work with text and tukutuku patterns that I have created. I am inspired by the changing world around me and how my whānau interact with it and in it. Text, fonts have always fascinated me. They are simple shapes that when put together in an organised pattern communicate messages. As a kid, I struggled to read (still kinda do), but the shapes looked like there was information in them that needed to be known. I saw patterns in them and noticed that the different styles of fonts added to the story and so styles of fonts were as important as what they are communicating. The fascination of fonts extended to tukutuku in the whare tupuna. When I first saw them, they were words, but like the fonts I have seen, I did not know what they were saying, but the forms were beautiful to look at. They communicate stories using simple shapes. These shapes form patterns, in an organised way and the patterns repeat giving meanings to those stories. The stories remind us of lessons that others have learnt and remind us of our potentials.

Mediums: Painting, Painting – Acrylic, Painting – Canvas
Showing work at:
The Gonville Town Hall Preservation Society
Contact the Artist:

Phone: 021 1812 712