Banshee the Valkyrie

Banshee the Valkyrie is an object and jewelry maker newly nestled into the Whanganui community. Making for ten years in Wellington after a lovely education under Hanne Erickson Mapp and then Vaune Mason. she foretells that her jewellery will catch you many complements, and connect you with your inner sense of self worth.

She wants you to be loud, proud and bedazzled

She is deeply inspired by female empowerment and uplifting the downtrodden. She uses worms, slugs and witch’s as inspiration as they are often looked at as grotesque creature to be avoided and feels that they can be used thematically to query the way our species can often treat each other very badly. If we can love a precious and magical worm made by Banshee the Valkyrie, maybe we can see through the gauze of outmoded societal propaganda,
put aside our prejudice and love one another. You can also throw our darling mother earth into the mix. Lets Treat everyone and everything a little bit better, and look fabulous in the process baby!!

Xx Rani Stigsdottir

Mediums: Jewellery, Painting, Painting – Watercolour
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Phone: 0274074166