Adie Higginson

Adie Higginson began his training in Cabinetmaking in Scotland under the guidance of exceptional woodworker Swede McBroom; making modern furniture 90% by hand.

He then continued his education apprenticing to Joseph Charteris, making museum copies of mainly Sheraton and Hepplewhite period furniture and learnt further from master craftsmen Dougal Charteris and Chris Scotland.

After a brief diversion into music study, from 1994, he expanded on his love of woodworking; training in bowed string instrument restoration at the Bristol Violin Shop, England where he worked until leaving the UK.

In 2004, Adie moved to New Zealand, where he has resumed furniture making as well as continuing his instrument work.

Adie brings together his wealth of knowledge to design and create elegant modern one-off pieces, constructed using traditional methods.

Mediums: Furniture, Wood works
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